Moredale Medical Africa provides a comprehensive range of the highest quality healthcare products across Africa.

With over 35 years of experience in the healthcare market, Moredale Medical provides the highest level of service and support to customers around the world.

Moredale Medical Africa is unique in offering not only cost-effective, high-quality products, but also comprehensive training to help health-care proffessionals maximize their potential across Africa in the Pharma, Medical Devices and Orthopaedics spheres.

Medical Devices

Moredale Medical Africa’s medical device range is trusted the world over. Our products have been used for many years by hospitals throughout Europe and the USA, and our products have been trusted by the Irish government for over 50 years.
Our Medical Device range comprises the best quality products at the right price, along with full training and support.


High quality anesthetics are a corner stone of a well functioning medical service. Moredale Medical Anaesthesia offers an extensive range within the following clinical areas – Airway Management, Pain Management, Cannulation, Fluid Delivery and Ventilation, along with both Invasive and Haemodynamic Monitoring.

Emergency Care

In Emergency Care situations you need to know your products won’t let you down. The Moredale Medical Africa range is state-of-the-art so you can move patients, make quick and accurate diagnostics and manage conditions in the most effective and efficient way.

General Surgery

Moredale Medical have been providing surgical related products to generations of surgeons across Europe and the USA. We bring this experience and know-how to African markets. Our range of surgical instruments has been known and trusted worldwide since being established in 1920. We have the quality and support surgeons rely on.

Infection Control

Infection control is the fundamental of good medical care, and we know you take it seriously. From world class manufacturers such as Gama Healthcare and Synergy Health, we bring you a range of high quality, intelligently designed solutions for CSSD and infection control you can build your care around.

Neonatal Care

Moredale Medical Africa understands the importance of neonatal care and we provide the products and support to match. Moredale Medical Africa offers an extensive range within the following Clinical areas – Vascular access and Resuscitation Systems. Through the provision of leading edge technologies and clinical based evidence, we provide the best in the crucial field of Neonatal Care.

Wound Care Management

We know that when it comes to wound care management, you want to deliver first class care quickly, reliably, and at a manageable cost. Our wound care products are from the trusted supplier Mölnlycke Health Care, a leading provider of single-use surgical and wound care products, meaning Moredale Medical Africa can bring you high quality solutions at affordable prices. They are simple to use, efficient and help avoid or minimize pain.

Point of Care Tests

To provide a smooth and effective care experience, you need to get your diagnosis right. Accurate clinical diagnostic testing at the point of care (POC) setting is essential. That’s why we have built up an extensive portfolio of POC tests. Our partnerships with key players in POCT allows us to offer the most advanced, clinically beneficial tests available so you can treat patients sooner – and better.


We have a Pharma portfolio you can trust. Moredale Medical Africa offers both well-known brand name products and a value-based range of high-quality generic pharmaceuticals. We offer pharmaceuticals for both the hospital and community pharmacy markets. Our products cover many key therapeutic areas including respiratory, oncology, haematology, anaesthesia, immunology and Infection control. All of the products and services provided by Moredale Medical Africa Pharma are backed up by support teams including customer service, logistics, quality control, pharmacovigilance and medical information.


Moredale Medical Africa Pharma has a wide portfolio of both broad spectrum and narrow spectrum antibiotics of the highest quality at a cost-effective price.

Pain Management

Moredale Medical Africa Pharma offers a wide range of pain management medications to African markets.

General Medicine

Our portfolio of general medicines comes with excellent customer service and support with comprehensive information of our products and their indications available.


We offer a high quality range of products key to your immunology service.

Emergency Medicine

In emergency situation you need medicine you can trust. Our Emergency Medicine range is of the highest quality.